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“We strongly endorse a complete ban on ivory sales in the US. The global ban agreed in 1989 was successful in stemming a previous killing spree. Over time, however, exceptions have eviscerated the international ban and illegal ivory is now routinely bought and sold under one or more loopholes, providing cover for illegal traffickers. These need to be closed and sanctions imposed on countries that continue to trade in ivory products.”
— Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton

U.S. Releases National Stategy for Combatting Wildlife Trafficking & Opening of UK’s United for Wildlife Conference

By on Feb 12, 2014

Both the United States and the United Kingdom announce publicly their increased efforts and commitment to stop poaching and the illegal trade in Africa’s wildlife.  The UK is hosting a historic conference this week in London “attended by high-level delegations from about 50 countries, with, crucially, a delegation from China, whose presence was not assured until recently.”  Also, the Obama administration released a new national strategy that to be unveiled in detail during this London conference.  “The strategy will strengthen U.S. leadership on addressing the serious and urgent conservation and global security threat posed by illegal trade in wildlife,” a White House statement says. An article below reveals Dr. Kahumbu’s shared sense of urgency regarding this conference, “the most high-profile ever, cannot fail. “If this meeting doesn’t...

Update: Kenya Legal Project Course Dates

By on Feb 3, 2014

Please note that the correct course dates are May 12 – May 30th. The first day of class (May 12) will be in Portland, Oregon.  The course will conclude in Kenya on the 30th....

New Wildlife Act Renewing Hope

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People are hopeful.  With the recent passage and enactment of the revised Wildlife Conservation & Management Act (WCMA – cap376), news is traveling fast about the impact already seen in the court system of Kenya. Poachers are now facing life in prison and/or $232,558 fine for taking the lives of elephants and other animals. The following article highlights the case of an especially notorious poacher, Pekee.  He is infamous.  He is wanted for the murder of the matriarch, Qumquat and two of her daughters in Amboseli (November of 2012).  This last December, I listened to Dr. Paula Kahumbu present to the attendees of the Judicial Dialogue the tragic story of Qumquat’s family.  The matriarch and her daughters were killed for their tusks by this lifelong poacher who had already been previously jailed and released for poaching but, clearly, remained undeterred. The article here...

Apply Now – Kenya Legal Project: Summer 2014

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The application is now posted at the link below, along with the course description.  If you have general questions about the course or application process, then please post them to the comments section. Application Here! Kenya Legal Project 912-S1 Students will study first hand the implications of wildlife and cruelty laws in Kenya, and assist Kenyan lawyers and wildlife professionals in their efforts to enhance and enforce legal protections for animals. The course will provide both classroom learning and fieldwork (in Kenya) to address creative problem solving to multifaceted legal issues. The course will expose students to the complexity of wildlife and animal cruelty legal issues when constrained by biodiversity conservation efforts, traditional values and culture, resource scarcity, ecotourism goals, institutional infrastructure limitations, poaching, and human-animal conflicts....

Generous Donor Funds Travel to Kenya for 8 (US or International) Law students or Lawyers

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Are you interested in learning more about the challenges facing wildlife, animals and law enforcement in Kenya?  Have you always wanted to see elephants in their natural habitat? Do you want to learn from professionals working daily to help Kenyan wildlife and animals? Have you ever wondered what the face of animal law looks like in Kenya? Stay tuned for how to apply to be a part of the Kenya Legal Project. CALS received a generous donation to help off-set the costs of the Kenya Legal Project.  These funds are intended to cover airfare, room and board for 8 students (subject to increased costs). Park fees are not included (~$300).  Students are responsible for tuition, immunizations, anti-malarial medications and all other travel incidentals. Please sign up below in order to receive updates, course application, etc. ...

National Judicial Dialogue on Environmental and Wildlife Crimes

By on Dec 30, 2013

For the first time in Kenya, the room was filled with over 70 representatives from various stakeholders in the fight against poaching – such as, Customs Department, Kenya Police Service, Judiciary Training Institute, Office of Director of Prosecution, Conservation NGOs (WildlifeDirect, Tsavo Trust, Kenyans United Against Poaching), Lusaka Task Force, Kenya Association of Tour Operators.  The conference started with a welcome from Honorable Justice Joel Ngugi (Director of the Judiciary Training Institute) asking for the participants to engage in an honest, respectful and candid conversation about the problems devoid of blame.  Remarks were then read from the Chief Justice of Kenya, Hon. Willy Mutunga, who instructed that this unprecedented dialogue between the Judiciary, conservation and government agencies be permanent – with a focus on apprehension of the poaching kingpins. These...

Amboseli National Park & Elephant Research Camp

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