The Aftermath of a Product Injury

Today, we’ve received a story, not from someone immigrating to America, but someone immigrating to Canada. Our writer left Egypt a few years ago and now they’re writing to us to talk about Canadian laws after they suffered a major injury.

When I came to Canada, I was focused mostly on starting a new life in a new country. I was learning a whole new set of rules, a new culture, and getting a firmer grasp on the language. 

Of course, that’s when disaster struck. 

I was in my car when the steering wheel locked up out of nowhere. It was a new car, too, so I was especially unprepared for a malfunction. I crashed, and I was badly hurt. 

I panicked at first, but then I started fighting back for my health and learning more about my legal options. 

Grounds for a Product Liability Claim

First, I took a look at what was required for a product liability claim. In Canada, you may be eligible for compensation if someone in the manufacturing and production line didn’t ensure the product was safe for its intended use. For example, if a drug was advertised as a cure for an illness, but it worsened that illness, the advertisers could be held responsible for the damage done to the people who took the drug. 

After talking to the lawyers at Jasmine Daya & Co, I figured out quickly that I shouldn’t have suffered through my accident. There was no way I could have known about the malfunction in a new car, and they should have made their products safer. 

Understanding Who’s Responsible

Product liability claims can be tough because the responsible party was likely not there for your accident. For example, I was injured because my car malfunctioned. While other drivers might have hit my car in the crash, the accident wouldn’t have happened if my car had worked right. 

Typically, the blame falls on the party responsible for the accident. In my case, the responsible party was the manufacturer. There was a careless mistake made when installing and producing my car, which led to a serious accident for me. 

Finding an Attorney for a Canadian Product Injury Claim

If you’ve been injured because a product injured you, don’t wait to file a claim. Had I not filed with a lawyer’s help and taken action for my compensation, I may not have recovered like I did. Now, though, my concussion has gotten better and physical therapy has helped strengthen my back after my injury. 

There are options out there, even if you’re new to the country and you’re worried about following the rules. The right lawyer should be calm, cool-headed, and experienced enough to give you guidance following your injury.