Steps to Take After a LA Car Accident

A car accident can cause significant upset in your life, and many people feel frozen and unsure of what to do after their accident. It’s natural to feel that way, as this is a situation you may not have encountered before. The best way to prepare for a car accident is to learn what to do after one occurs.

Knowing these steps will also help you if you are planning on filing a car accident claim.

Five Steps to Take After a Car Accident

This list will help you understand what steps to take after a vehicle crash.

Get Medical Help

The first step you should take after an automobile collision is to head over to the hospital or doctor’s office. This is important for your health, and you should take this step even if you don’t think you were hurt. It’s good to get checked out, just in case. 

There is another reason to get medical help after a car accident. Creating a medical paper trail is important for your car accident claim. The paper trail proves that your auto wreck is what caused your injuries. It will also prove the extent of your injuries and how much you are paying in medical expenses.

Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

Visiting your doctor is important, but it’s also important to follow your doctor’s medical advice. You should attend all recommended doctor visits, and follow recommendations to stay off your feet or any other advice the doctor has for you. You don’t want to worsen your condition.

Collect Evidence to Prove Your Case

After a car crash, you will want to gather as much evidence as you can to prove your case. If you don’t believe you caused your car accident, you likely think someone else did. 

Your suspicions aren’t enough to win a crash claim—you must be able to prove your case. Gather all evidence you can find, such as witness statements, physical evidence, crash reports, and photo evidence.

Document Your Damages

Your claim will also include a settlement demand. This is where you will request an amount of money you think fairly compensates you for the accident. You can’t just pull a number out of the air like a magician—you must have evidence of how much you’re owed and why. Documenting your losses will help you prove your damages.

Don’t Talk to the Insurance Company

The at-fault party’s insurance company is going to want to talk to you about the case. On the one hand, they will need to communicate with someone about your case, because the insurer is the one who will be paying your settlement. However, you don’t have to be the one to talk to them.

Your Los Angeles car accident lawyer can talk to them on your behalf. This is important, because the insurance company could try to take advantage of you. They know that car accident victims don’t know much about the claim process. They could try to cheat you out of compensation that is rightfully yours. They won’t likely be able to fool your lawyer, though.

How I Faced an LA Slip-and-Fall Accident

We’ve all had a little slip or trip, but sometimes, these injuries can get more serious than you’d expect. Unfortunately, those injuries can make settling in to a new country more difficult. 

Our next anonymous guest has experienced that firsthand, after her grandmother slipped and fell. Check out her story below and find out how her family handled their situation. 

Dealing with a Dangerous Fall

When my grandmother moved to the United States, she didn’t even speak English. She navigated her world well enough, sure, but we always worried that someone would find our little Bulgarian granny after a serious accident and be unable to help her. 

Sadly, that’s exactly what happened. 

She was an independent woman with a stubborn streak, which means she handled all her groceries herself. Sadly, she was in the middle of shopping when a careless employee failed to put up a “wet floor” sign. She slipped, and she broke her hip. 

She’s still mobile, but you can see the difference in her. Worse, she doesn’t speak English, so it was tough for us to translate her medical worries and get her the help she needed. Even in the LA area, it was hard to find someone who could help her. 

Lawyers like Custodio & Dubey, LLP were instrumental to her financial recovery. She was already seventy years old, and now she had a broken hip, several smaller injuries, and a language barrier. Between the pain and isolation, it was hard enough for her to physically recover. 

Fortunately, her lawyers helped her act now, which made a big difference. Carrying on a conversation was a complicated task with any lawyer, but with a translator and a plan, our family managed to act on time. We took advantage of the deadline we had to gather evidence and build a claim for our grandmother.

We helped her attorney get what they needed, and in the end, she was able to get compensation that covered the costs of her hip replacement surgery. Despite the difficulties our family faced, not to mention the discrimination against my grandmother and her native tongue, we found the right attorney for her and helped her move on. 

Compensation for Immigrant Families

We’re proud to see so many people interested in our stories. We know how tough it can be to immigrate to a new country, only to suffer through a serious accident. You may have studied the language and the culture, but what about the legal system? 

Changes to the legal system can be overwhelming. While you may have a lawyer on your side like the anonymous writer above, it can help to hear stories of other people who are struggling to recover from their injuries, just like you. 

If you’ve been injured and you’re feeling alone and overwhelmed, or if you’re wondering what other people do to help their claims, check out our other stories. We hope to help people going through tough times see that there is hope. 

The Aftermath of a Product Injury

Today, we’ve received a story, not from someone immigrating to America, but someone immigrating to Canada. Our writer left Egypt a few years ago and now they’re writing to us to talk about Canadian laws after they suffered a major injury.

When I came to Canada, I was focused mostly on starting a new life in a new country. I was learning a whole new set of rules, a new culture, and getting a firmer grasp on the language. 

Of course, that’s when disaster struck. 

I was in my car when the steering wheel locked up out of nowhere. It was a new car, too, so I was especially unprepared for a malfunction. I crashed, and I was badly hurt. 

I panicked at first, but then I started fighting back for my health and learning more about my legal options. 

Grounds for a Product Liability Claim

First, I took a look at what was required for a product liability claim. In Canada, you may be eligible for compensation if someone in the manufacturing and production line didn’t ensure the product was safe for its intended use. For example, if a drug was advertised as a cure for an illness, but it worsened that illness, the advertisers could be held responsible for the damage done to the people who took the drug. 

After talking to the lawyers at Jasmine Daya & Co, I figured out quickly that I shouldn’t have suffered through my accident. There was no way I could have known about the malfunction in a new car, and they should have made their products safer. 

Understanding Who’s Responsible

Product liability claims can be tough because the responsible party was likely not there for your accident. For example, I was injured because my car malfunctioned. While other drivers might have hit my car in the crash, the accident wouldn’t have happened if my car had worked right. 

Typically, the blame falls on the party responsible for the accident. In my case, the responsible party was the manufacturer. There was a careless mistake made when installing and producing my car, which led to a serious accident for me. 

Finding an Attorney for a Canadian Product Injury Claim

If you’ve been injured because a product injured you, don’t wait to file a claim. Had I not filed with a lawyer’s help and taken action for my compensation, I may not have recovered like I did. Now, though, my concussion has gotten better and physical therapy has helped strengthen my back after my injury. 

There are options out there, even if you’re new to the country and you’re worried about following the rules. The right lawyer should be calm, cool-headed, and experienced enough to give you guidance following your injury. 

Dealing with Work Accidents

When I started this blog, I didn’t expect the outpouring of people like me—struggling to follow and understand all these new laws we may not think about, and also not realizing the impact they have on our lives. For example, I hadn’t thought about what would happen if I was injured at work until I received the story below. 

While a lot of Kenyan laws are similar to American laws, there are some key differences. Some employers may even use unfair tactics on those who don’t know their rights! That almost happened to today’s storyteller. If you’re worried about your own case, you may need a lawyer, like she did, for your workers compensation claim. 

Unfair Practices in the Workplace 

As a new resident of the United States, I spent more time learning about my legal rights in everyday ways, switching my phone service over, getting a license, and other mundane things. I didn’t even think about what a work accident would call for until I’d been hurt while on the job. 

I lived in America for a little while, and I’d come here from Spain to work. Still, it seemed like it didn’t matter how hard I worked—my boss said I was out of luck. 

I wasn’t willing to accept a denial or let my employer get away with any unfair tactics, though. Instead, I  read more about my rights as an American resident and worker. Then, I got ready to file a claim. 

It turned out I was on the right track already. I’d acted quickly to notify my employer, since I thought there wouldn’t be much time to spare, just like Spain. I told them that I was on the way to the hospital, and that I’d need workers comp benefits. 

However, they acted like I had no opportunity to recover benefits, like wage replacement and medical care benefits. I knew that was wrong, though, based on state law. Now, I was certain they were trying to get out of paying for my recovery. 

That’s when I contacted an attorney, who helped me set up a hearing with a workers comp commissioner. It took a little evidence and some further tests with my doctor, but we did it. I got the compensation I needed in a lump sum, and my employer suffered some penalties for trying to keep my benefits from me. 

Now, I’m finally getting to rest and focus on my injuries. My leg is healing up nicely, and in a few weeks, I might even be able to return to work. Now, I know what to expect from my employer and I know my rights. 

Legal Worries in a New Land 

Getting workers comp benefits from your employer can be tough, especially if you’re an immigrant working in America—some employers might assume you don’t know your rights, which hurts vulnerable workers who are injured and struggling to work. 

Luckily, you may be eligible, even if your employer isn’t on your side. If you’ve been injured and you’re worried about your recovery, you may have a chance now to get your workers comp benefits. Check out our other stories for more information about American laws or reach out to a lawyer for help with your case. 

Facing a Washington State Accident

When my family first came to the states, we settled in the Pacific Northwest for some time. We loved the rain, the culture, and the people there. Contrarily, that love didn’t mean that it couldn’t be dangerous, as well. 

One day, I got a call that my aunt had been in a car accident. She would be okay, but she was shaken up, injured, and dealing with a totaled car. Her English is as strong as one of her first languages, but even so, she was worried that her case wouldn’t be taken seriously. She didn’t know where to go or how to get a Spokane car accident lawyer on her side. 

Fortunately, I was able to help her find a good lawyer who could help her, and I learned a lot in the meantime, too. 

Fault Laws in Washington State

Luckily, we found that the fault system in Washington state is much like it is in Kenya. That made it easier to get answers for our family. Both locations seem to work on the idea of fault. Meaning, if someone causes an accident, they’re responsible for the financial costs of the other person’s recovery. 

That’s when we knew we had a chance to file. My aunt was obeying the rules of the road, while the other driver wasn’t. They hit her, and now, we knew they should be held responsible for her suffering. 

Compensation Offered

We were also relieved to find that she had the options she needed for a full recovery. We would be able to regain the losses she suffered because of the accident, including both her financial and non-economic losses. 

For example, her car was totaled after the accident, and she ended up taking an ambulance to the hospital for a concussion and a broken arm. Those medical bills were expensive, made worse because she didn’t have health insurance, and it would have been difficult for us for a long time. 

She also suffered a lot in the wake of the accident in other ways, too. For example, the pain from her bone fracture made it tough for her to deal with her injuries. She needed compensation for these injuries, but we weren’t sure what to ask for. 

Fortunately, her attorney helped her find the worth of these intangible losses. While they don’t have a specific price tag attached, her attorney explained how we would find these figures and how much she could expect to receive. 

How We Settled the Case

Once we knew how similar many of these laws were to our country of origin’s laws, we were ready to get into the details for our case. My aunt took her claim to court, and  she was awarded the compensation she needed for recovery. It was tough for her, but we managed to get a better understanding of the laws affecting us. 

Now, we don’t have to worry about her future. It’s been a few years since the car crash, and now she’s back on the road, though she’s just as cautious as ever. 

Now, though, we have a better understanding of American car accident laws and what we can expect next time one of us has a difficult claim on our hands. Now, we all feel like we know our new home a little better.